Newcastle Permanent's Introducer Program

Newcastle Permanent's Introducer Program is designed to make fundraising easier for surf clubs.
Clubs can always do with extra cash for new facilities, equipment, events or educational needs and the Introducer Program helps them by rewarding them for supporting Newcastle Permanent.

Click on the link below for more information and to find if your club is signed up.

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2017-18 Surf Sports Award Winners


SLSMNC Surf Sports Awards 2017-18 season

Tony Hayes OAM Overall Pointscore 
1st Wauchope Bonny Hills 
2nd Port Macquarie 
3rd Tacking Point 
4th Hat Head 
5th Kempsey Crescent Head 
6th South West Rocks

J. H. Brown Shield for Water Events
1st Wauchope Bonny Hills 
2nd Port Macquarie 
3rd Tacking Point 
4th Hat Head 
5th Kempsey Crescent Head 
6th South West Rocks

Senior March Past Champions
Wauchope Bonny Hills SLSC Senior Ladies

Bob “Beaurepaire” Smith Memorial Award
Outstanding Competitive Performance - Hugh Stewart WBH

Bill Balkin Shield 
Kempsey Crescent Head

Open Champions Taylor Sargeant & Hugh Stewart WBH
70+ Ken Wilson PM
60+ Dr John Vaughan WBH
50-59 Sandra Slattery TP & Jeff Polverino PM
40-49 Deb Bartlett WBH & Duncan Kirkland PM
30-39 Toni Moffitt KCH & Grant Lawler HH
U/19 Go Kato WBH
U/17 Taylor Sargeant & Hugh Stewart WBH, Finn Askew TP
U/15 Kate Field PM & Christopher Broomby TP
U/14 Alani Cockshutt & TyJesse Brabant PM

JAC Pointscore
1st Port Macquarie 
2nd Tacking Point 
3rd Hat Head 
4th South West Rocks 
5th Wauchope Bonny Hills
6th Kempsey Crescent Head 
7th Camden Haven

U8 Ella Oliver & Peter Field PM
U9 Lilly Mosley & Ben Barlow PM
U10 Cleo Schubert SWR & Jarvis Lineham PM
U11 Tayla Moffit KCH & Tyse Thrower TP
U12 Andie Mcgrath & Harry Askew PM
U13 Auraiha Hewens & Tahj Thrower TP

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SLSMNC Awards of Excellence!!!

The President and Executive,

cordially invites all members to attend and celebrate


Surf Life Saving Mid North Coast

Newcastle Permanent

Awards of Excellence and Presentation Evening


South West Rocks SLSC

Saturday 16 June 2018

$40 per head

6.30pm for dinner at 7.00pm


Please RSVP by 4 June 2018 to

Jo Hawkins, Director of Administration


Payments to be made by

 Direct Deposit

Please quote your name as


SLS Mid North Coast Branch   

BSB:  650 000    A/c No: 9786 50818

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SLSMNC Awards of Excellence


2016-17 SLSMNC Awards of Excellence!!!!!!!!
The Awards of Excellence recognises outstanding achievements and contributions in all aspects of Surf Life Saving. The awards will celebrate the accomplishments of members and clubs in the 2016/17 season. 
This year’s awards will be presented at the Surf Life Saving MNC Awards of Excellence function on Saturday 3 June 2017 venue tba.
Following are the award categories, selection criteria, application questions and award nomination forms based on the 2016/17 SLSNSW Awards of Excellence circular 3493.
All nominations are to be endorsed by respective clubs and forwarded electronically to Surf Life Saving MNC Director of Administration by Monday 8 May 2017.
No late nominations will be accepted and no correspondence will be entered into.

Click Here to view the attachment.
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2015-16 Surf Sports Award Winners!!!


The Surf Sports Awards were presented at the SLSMNC Awards of Excellence and Presentation evening on Saturday night....

Congratulations to SLSMNC 2015-16 Senior Branch Champions
U/15 Taylor Sargeant WBH & Hugh Stewart WBH
U/17 Toni Hurkett PM & Lachlan Hawkins WBH
U/19 Dale Finch WBH
30-30 Cassie Pensini CH
40-49 Raelene Myers TP & Jeremy Bate WBH
50-59 Amanda Higgerson TP & Tony Wright PM
60-69 Dr John Edward Vaughan WBH
70+ George Fowler WBH
Opens Toni Hurkett PM & Joe Joseph Wright PM 
Oustanding Competitive Performance/Jason Northey Memorial Open Ironman Champion Lachlan Hawkins WBH
Lifesaver Relay Champions WBH 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!!
J.H. Brown Shield for Water Events WBH
A.J.Hayes Overall Pointscore Branch Champions WBH
Bill Balkin Memorial Surf Boat Pointscore KCH

JAC Overall Pointscore PM
U8 Cleo Schubert SWR & Lucas Scott PM
U9 Billie Maybon SWR & Tyse Thrower TP
U10 Olivia Oakshott PM & Harry Askew SWR
U11 Fleur Sherlock PM & Tahj Thrower TP
U12 Alani Cockshutt PM & Jesse Hiatt PM
U13 Miren Davies PM & Kye Gill WBH
U14 Tayla Maybon SWR & Ryan Horton TP & Finn Askew SWR

Congratulations everyone!!! 

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SLSMNC Branch Inc Constitution dated August 2015 has been registered with NSW Fair Trading and takes effect from 22 September 2015. You can find the current constitution in the Library.

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Special Events

Special events are events that do not comply 100% with the surf sports manual and/ or are open to members who are not current members of SLSA. These events may include ocean swims, ski races, surfing exhibitions and much more.

Special events are not automatically covered by SLSA insurance and extra cover must be applied for through SLSNSW. A Special event application form must be filled in and returned to the branch office for approval. Pending the level of involvement from the club for each special event, other documentation may be required such as;

Council approval to use the beach/ reserve

Aquatic license from NSW Maritime

Public Liability Insurance from event organiser

Risk Assessment/ Management plan

All the relevant documents and application forms are available from the library page.

If your club is running the entire event please ensure that all paperwork is sent to the Branch Office together rather than in batches to avoid any confusion. The paperwork required for such an event is; The special event form, an aquatic license (if using the water), council approval, risk assessment and a map of the course.

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